Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Continued Journey, but a Happy One

Well, I'm officially 24 weeks! And I can't express how excited I am to be this much closer to my due date; January 13th, 2017.

I had a quick check-up on our little Kagen, and so far he's healthy, and a-growing! 140 bps, and he's the size of an ear of corn! I'm so excited that he's growing healthy, and so far no complications.

Now, for the down fall for this week, the experience hasn't been complete great, but well worth it once the day comes, of course. (:

My calves, ankles, toes and fingers have all swelled up faster than I expected! I can't wear my favorite flip flops, I can't wear my wedding ring; unless I force it on with water. Lol. And skinny jeans are out of the question, unless I go a size or two bigger. I'm extremely tired all the time, and little Kagen LOVES to roll around and kick me; especially when I'm laying down trying to get some shut eye.

But, I'm thankful for this experience. I've wanted to be a mom for as long as I could remember, and to finally be able to experience it... I wouldn't take it back for a million or more dollars. (:


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Surprise!... {Plus Registry!}

Sorry for the long wait on an update for my blog. Been busy getting things ready for the little munchkin and now the baby shower!

So on July 22nd, I found out what the baby is! And it's a little baby...

Drum roll please...


I was ecstatic to see the little part on my ultrasound, and my husband-to-be, Wes, was happy to know that his new boy had quite a bit of length to him. HAHA! :P Sorry if that was inappropriate. And I also found the perfect name to fit him too!

Kagen Bill Mabry

I wanted my father's name in there for his middle name, as it fitted too good with his first name. (:

Anywho... since we now finally know the gender of the baby, you're more than welcome to send gifts, or wait till the day of the baby shower. I won't be inviting EVERYONE, but mainly close friends and families. Sorry if you didn't get an invite, I only have so much room at the place I rented. Lol.

I registered at Target, so just look up Anna Copeland, and you should see my rather large list on there, plus my shipping address; hopefully. If you don't, just let me know and I'll figure it out. :D

Thank you everyone for your blessings and congrats! I'm beyond excited, and can't wait to meet my baby boy. <3

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Heart Love Pendant Silver Necklace

I absolutely loved this necklace! It is exactly as it's pictured. The chain is long enough to hang to about where my collar bone is and the pendant matches the sparkling chain as well. I was a little afraid that the word "love" wasn't going to show up very well 'cause I thought it'd be too small, but it's actually a pretty decent size and doesn't take over the whole pendant. 

It's sparkly, cute and small just like little ol' petite me. Lol. This would be perfect too for your daughter/neice/or sister for their dances or just to show off. I'm thinking of maybe giving it to one of my nieces for Christmas or for her birthday, not sure just yet as I might want to save it too for my baby, once I know what gender it is.

The shipping was a little long of a wait, but I expected that since it's from China. It was worth it though, as I've been wanting the perfect gift to possibly give to my niece for her birthday. :)

Disclosure : I got this item for free/discounted in return of an honest review.

Removable Bathroom Toilet Seat Sticker Decal

I thought this was the cutest, and funniest bathroom sticker ever! My husband and son got a laugh out of it when they first saw this arrive in the mail. I thought it was perfect for the bathroom, hoping that it'd make our privacy time a little more funny. HAHA!
I'm anxious to see what visitors will think when I finally invite people to visit. { It's a chaos in the house, and I can't ever seem to keep it clean enough to want visitors. :( }

Putting it one was very simple! It's exactly like putting on a sticker. I used alcohol to clean the surface of where I'm putting it, and let the sticker do it's work. It's extremely sticky, so I suggest figuring out where you want it first before actually putting it on. It's of course removable, but like I said it's a little too sticky but if you're careful, it comes off pretty easy. (:

Shipping wasn't long at all, I maybe waited about a week and a half? So if you have any patience, it's actually pretty worth it. (:

Disclosure : I received this item for free/discounted, in exchange for a honest review.

Ps I Love You Wall Decal Sticker Home Art

I absolutely LOVED this decal for my home. I wanted something cute, easy and to get my message across to friends and families. By the picture, you're probably gonna notice that it's off centered, but that's actually done on purpose. I was hoping that it had dots after the words, "...", but I went ahead with it anyways. There's a mirror below this quote, as if saying "PS I love you..." and then whoever was standing before the mirror, could hopefully think it was them. Lol. Just trying to be a little creative here. (:

Anywho, putting this on the wall was easier than I thought. It comes with instructions, and pretty easy to follow. Though, the only I'd worry about, is if you have animals, don't do it around surfaces they lay on. Haha! I did it the couch nearby this wall, and it was the silliest idea every. So, not only do I have fur stuck to this decal, you can see on the wall if you look close enough. Lol. Oh well, I still love it though! (:

As for shipping, this took about almost 2 weeks to get. That's usually the common amount of time for items to ship, so I'm not really complaining about that. (:

Instructions : 

You're gonna need scissors and a credit card or any card that's stiff to straighten out the film.

First, you're gonna place the sticky, blank film over the decal art on a flat surface.

Next, use the stiff card to smooth out the clear film over the art, making sure no bubbles or winkles are visible.

Then, cut out the words. You don't really have to if you're not scattering them away from each other. Lol. That's something I learned after I did this. You can tell it's not completely straight or even. Lol. Oh well.

And lastly, peel the decal from the white paper and stick them to the wall or whatever surface you prefer and use the stiff card again to smooth it out.

And then VOILA! You're done. (:

Disclosure : I received this item for free/discounted in exchange for a honest review.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kathy's Pretty Pieces

Are you trying to search for that perfect piece of jewel to fit with your outfits? Can't find the right accessories for your renaissance costume? Or you just simply love beautiful, elegant jewelry? Well, I have just the right person who can satisfy all your needs to make that outfit stunning.

May I introduce my mother! (:

She's been working on her masterpieces for a while now, I wanna say about two years and her experience has grown immensely and her work is stunning! She can make custom designs on whatever accessory you need; necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, or rings!

I own a few of her pieces and I proudly wear them when I can!

Here's my absolute favorite piece she made for me!

And a few other examples of her work..

Remember, she will be more than happy to do a custom design for you as well! And the usual time it takes her to make some of these is about 21 days. It mainly depends on how "dramatic" you like it. Haha.

If you're interested, here's her site and you can either order what she has pre-made or send her a message of your own idea!

Monday, June 20, 2016

First UltraSound

What an experience this was!

I was nervous, excited, and thrilled more than anything to see and hear my baby for the first time. I smiled bigger than I ever have before, and let many tears fall down my cheeks. The doctor said the baby was healthy!

It was 9 weeks and 4 days at the time, June 15th, 2016, and now it's 10 weeks and 2 days old. (:

The heart beat was a normal 179 bps, and hearing that for the first time made my own heart race as well as I cried; happy tears of course. And the father, Wes, couldn't help but smile just as big as he couldn't be more than happy for me. He already has a son, so his only wish was that I experience the same with my own child. I love that man to the moon and back. <3

If you'd like, you're more than welcome to smile along with me as I share a few photos with you.